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The Autism Spectrum Parenting LiveJournal Community

for autistic and non-autistic parents of kids on the autism spectrum

Austism Spectrum Parents
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Being a parent is often challenging, but parenting kids on the austism spectrum (autism, aspergers, PDD-NOS, etc.) presents special issues. Many of us are also on the spectrum. This community is for autistic and non-autistic parents of spectrum kids, and is intended for discussion and mutual support. A few ground rules:

  • Cures: There's no single known cause of or cure for autism. Some of us don't even think the word "cure" is meaningful. So please don't use this community to advocate for "curing autism now".

  • Manners: Many people with autism find social skills to be challenging, so please do your best to be considerate in your posts, and try not to take offense should someone post something you find objectionable. We need patience as much as our kids do.

  • Non-autistics: Non-autistic parents of autistic children are welcome, but please be aware that there are plenty of other places you can go for support as well, and not as many places for those of us on the spectrum.

  • Undiagnosed Parents: Occasionally, a parent might be unaware of or unwilling to admit to their own place on the spectrum. If you think you see one of these, please be gentle. Unsolicited armchair diagnoses are not usually helpful.

  • Non-parent or non-spectrum: If you're not a parent, or your child has non-spectrum issues, there are other communities you may be interested in, such as:
    asperger   Asperger Syndrome Community
    asd_families   Family of individuals affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders
    aspecialparent   For parents (only) of special needs children
    autism   Autism Awareness Community
    teaching_autism   Teaching Children with Autism
    aba_vbt   For anyone interested in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and/or Verbal Behavior Therapy (VBT)
    altparent   the Alternative Parenting Community

  • Membership: This community has open membership (you don't have to be approved). Once you're a member, you can create new message threads. Please post an introductory message sometime after you join. Non-members can't create new message threads, but may post comments, which will be screened.

  • Animated icons and blinking text: Please avoid these in your posts to this community. Some folks find them to be overstimulating.

  • More information: You may find some of these links helpful:
    Celebrating Autistic Parents
    Resources by and for persons on the autistic spectrum
    Autism Network International
    Moggy's Autism Spectrum Links

Community maintainer redlami is an aspie parent of three kids at various points on the autistic spectrum, and is not a therapist or practitioner of any kind.