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For those of you who have been following, we got a new caseworker in August. After a year of being told Chance would lose his Disability benefits if he lived with us again (yes, he qualified while living with us, but being returned to us he doesn't? I guess they found the magic cure for autism), our new caseworker told us he doesn't lose his benefits. So, the last 6 months have been spent in preparation for his return to our legal custody. He has been living with us since Dec 3, and court was 14 March. He is now legally ours again. FINALLY!!!

He gets to stay in his school/day treatment, he keeps his after school program 3 days a week, and we get 6 hours respite a week.

If we'd had half of that 3 years ago we could have avoided all this mess. Who's doing the respite, you ask? The same company that does the after school program, did respite for the foster parents, and managed the foster parents. The same company that I asked our old caseworker, "Why can't they do that for families?" and she told me they are only licensed for foster care. Humph!

All I can say is Thank heaven she wanted to go back to school. Maybe she can learn how to do her job better for the next family. In the mean time, YAY!!!

I even got a call from Chance's speech therapist at school telling me how much better he's doing in everything since he came home in December. I wish she would have told the guardian ad litem and the judge. I'm so glad to be away from all the accusations and edicts from people who are supposed to do what's best for my son, but never asked what he's had or what he needed.

I'm also very glad to have my son back in my home, where we love him. He says we don't yell any more than the foster parents did, and we don't call him names. (but they were the icons of parenting)

Ok, amid all the gladness, I'm still pissed off. I'll get over it. And it put us in a position to offer counsel and comfort to our neighbors who are going through something similar, only their son has problems so much more extreme. Our hearts go out to them.

Long post for good news. But, hey. GOOD NEWS!!!

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