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alternate therapy, cooking lessons

I need input.

I have mentioned my grand idea for an alternate therapy center for autism. I have written about what my husband and I are doing with our limited resources to put a start to it (teaching Scottish snare drumming, free of charge). And I asked what activities you would like to see available.

A few of you mentioned cooking.
A few years ago my sister gave my son cooking lessons. He loved them! His younger brother wanted them, also (we told him he wasn't old enough yet). She taught him from beginning to end, prep, mix, cook, serve. He learned a lot. While waiting for the food to cook, she would make him play a game with her, like dice, cards, dominoes. He hated that part because with games you have to: 1- take turns; 2- follow rules; 3- don't always win.
But we noticed he does better socially after playing games.(I have gotten similar reports from other people about games & ASD kids).

So I need input, again.
My sister & I are thinking about assembling a cooking lesson program for parents to do with their kids. It would be more of a kit or book, actually. It will have step-by-step instructions on what to teach your kid, from washing hands, recipes, side dishes (or snacks), & a game to play while waiting for the food to cook.

You may be thinking anyone can teach their child to cook, but think about all the planning that goes into teaching your ASD child anything, or how much planning (or past experience) goes into preparing a meal. If you can get your child to help prepare the food, you might be tempted to send them away while it cooks/bakes. Or you might be frustrated trying to find a game they can learn and play. This program would have it all planned. All you have to do is follow it with your kiddo. That takes a lot of the stress out of it for a parent, provides a fun and productive activity to do with your child (better bonding time), and teaches them a life skill.
Also, I know how this works with my son, but I will have someone on the west coast try it, and someone in the south-east test it with her son, so there will be a (slightly) broader test base.

Is this something you'd be interested in for your child/family?

Thanks in advance for the input.
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