Sharrow (theadydal) wrote in spectrum_parent,

Looking for link/books/resources fro dealing with spectrucm teens.

My son is 12 will be 13 in the new year, he's dx as aspergers disorder.
We got that at 9 and he had sessions in the family and child clinic,
and took part in the intresting years dina school program.
He got an SNA in school but the clinic discharged him and the family from their roster and support
a month before he changed school from primary to secondary (jr high).

He has a shared SNA now but it's not a month into the new school year,
which is new school, surroundings, class mates, teachers changing all the time,
new school uniform which he hates, so it's a lot of change.
The school work is easy for him but he's starting to isolate himself a lot.

But with the stretch in height he took over the summer as come a new temper.
I know it's him becoming a teen and it's testosterone but he is just lashing
out constantly, mostly verbal and roaring the house down.
Esp first thing in the morning which end in his younger sister crying before breakfast.
He is brutal and utterly self centred, and is back to slamming himself into the walls.

So I am looking for any links, books, resources, hints or ways to cope with him and
get him to cope with himself, as this is only the start of it, and after this
mornings explosion something has to change and soon.
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