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x-posted, some of you will see it twice or thrice.

Some time ago I asked for input on activities that your ASD kids enjoy that have helped then in some way. Something that gave your child a real-worked benefit that isn't considered therapy. I'm doing research for, and applying for a grant, to start a therapy center that offers what I call alternate therapy.
Some ideas included music, swimming, crafts, sports skills, cooking. Some suggestions were more specific, I'm just giving generals for reference.

Here's the update. I have started a grant application on Pepsi Refresh Everything. (it is murder to get it submitted before the slots are filled...tried twice and missed). I suggest everyone go there and vote for things you feel will help whatever cause you support.

In addition, I decided not to wait for help that may or may not come, and start myself on a small scale. My drummer husband agreed to teach basic drumming as a first project. The benefits of this are numerous and we are excited to start. We are doing research on inexpensive practice pads and sticks, and have decided on the second Tuesday of the month. We should be able to get a conference room at the library. Now all we need is kids with a parent in attendance and we can start. The only cost to participants is the cost of the equipment....should be less than $20 each kid. No licensing needed as we are offering to hare our knowledge at no cost to parents who want to help their kids learn.

I have a facebook page for this if you want to follow the updates. Center for Alternate Autism Therapy. Also, if you know anyone in the Salt Lake area who might be interested, you can refer them to our page.

My ultimate dream is a large center offering many things, including aids so the parents can have a break if they desire one. If this was nationwide, even better. Perhaps others have talents/skills they can share in their communities?

Thanks for reading.
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