Tanya Strobinski (tgrapp) wrote in spectrum_parent,
Tanya Strobinski

moving back to US with a spectrum three-year-old....Where to start?

Hello everyone,

I don't really know even how to start this post....  I've been living outside of US for the past several years.  My son, who turned 3 in September, has been diagnosed this August.  I am planning right now a move back to Pennsylvania, where I grew up and where my parents and most of my family live.  The main reason is that I want my son to have grandpa and grandma in his everyday life.  They are very warm, loving, and giving people, and they get through to him.  I want my son to get the maximum intervention at this crucial age.

He is now in specialized daycare and also works with an SLP at home twice a week.  There are also some pension and disability money and discounts on specialists.

Where do I start with all that in US?  Are there kinder-gardens that are covered by some government plan?  Are there private kinder-gardens for kids on the spectrum? Is there money allotted and from which agencies?  How are SLP, motor skills and other specialists covered?  Is there a page (or pages)  that has all the relevant links and information that I  should look at?

I will appreciate any comment and any information.

Thank You
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