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My NT son had a choir performance at school, so we were waiting for the program to start. The "crowd" was small and the noise level negligible. My autie was complaining about the noise and saying he hates crowds. Honestly, there wasn't anyone within 10 feet of us. He had been sick, so I can understand that he was on edge. However, we are trying to get him to understand that other people have the right to be places, talk in those places, etc, and that he has to learn to deal with it. When it is not overwhelming, he can force himself to calm down for the sake of his brother's ONE performance. But, since he had been sick, I gave him the option of waiting in the hall for us. He declined.
I told him he has to learn to adapt. He responded, "I can adapt." This sent hubby and I into fits of laughter. We are going to make a shirt for him that reads: I am autistic and I can adapt, as long as EVERYTHING is exactly MY WAY!
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