Sharrow (theadydal) wrote in spectrum_parent,

To commit acts of commerce

Have just sent my aspie teen (age 14) back to the shop to buy a copy of the play he is doing for the Jr Cert(exams at the end of middle school). He tried once already and failed, he couldn't find it on the shelf and didn't ask a staff member.

He really didn't want to go, I really didn't want to have to force him but these days there are not that many things which challenge him in that way and when they happen I have to be cruel to be kind.

He needs to be able to commit acts of commerce with confidence and to be able to ask questions of relative strangers. He should come back with the quest completed and I don't doubt that he will be pissed off with me for the rest of the day, but that's part of the parenting job and I bet if it was going into Gamestop to buy a new Halo game he'd manage it.

The shop is a mere 10 minutes walk and he's comfortable enough going to the shopping centre for other items. He just didn't want to leave the xbox after a full day of school.

Is anyone or has anyone been struggling with this and their teen?
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