jupiterpurple (jupiterpurple) wrote in spectrum_parent,

maturity issues

I have a question for those with kids on the spectrum:
Did your child hit puberty at an expected age? Or did he/she reach puberty late? If late, how late? Were there any issues other than PDD involved, like glandular issues, weight issues, other hormone deficiencies, or any type of heavy metal toxicity?

Does your child have any issues other than an autism spectrum disorder that might have affected it?

My son is 15 and showing no signs of puberty. Well...I take that back. He gets a stupid grin on his face when he talks about girls, but his NT brother has been doing that since age 8-9. No acne, no facial, pit, or pubic hair, no cracking or deepening voice.

Just looking for feedback, like a poll.

Thanks in advance.

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