hopefuldark (hopefuldark) wrote in spectrum_parent,


Ive started a blog to keep track of my kids, and my, issues with FAS, Aspergers, and AUtism.
It can be found here... http://creatorschildsoap.blogspot.com/

I guess Im trying to document the activities, as best I can, trying to see how they grow and change. Its not a place for me to vent, but more a place for me just to log what happens, and see how things change and what triggers there are in our lives.

If you are wondering, I am an ASpie with some FAS issues(undiagnosed until recently)35 years old
my son is FAS with some Autistic traits (starting diagnoses procedures)2 years old
and my daughter is diagnosed Autistic, with possible FAS issues. 3 years old.

If anybody is interested in following this attempt, it may encourage me to continue it.
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