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I am cross posting this, so some of you might see it twice.

My son has atyipical autism. He fits well into HFA groups, but doesn't function well enough on hsi own to go fit well with an aspie group.
It's complicated with the addition of frontal lobe damage (no impulse control) and a PTSD-type disorder.

That said, I have noticed there are certain things which help him with his social interactions, and with his thought processes (he doesn't process like other people, even on the spectrum). I was wondering if any of you have noticed specific activities that help your kids, that the OTs and others don't use, or recognize.

Here are some things that help my son:
cooking lessons
guitar lessons
playing a board game
thinking games, like Izzy
building models

I am trying to gather information for a project. It will most likely be long-term, so if you think of something later, I'd still like to hear about it.

I already know what helps my son, and have a good idea of what else might help him. I want to know what other people have found to help their kids. I help a bit at my son's school, and I want to find unconventional things that can help the other kids. Eventually, I would like to find a way to start a spectrum therapy center. My son is in an after school program now that ammounts to babysitting, and the people in charge refuse to do things that will help my son. These kids need more help than is out there. But that help is possible.

Stories and examples of success and improvement are more than welcome.

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